Each watch I hand engrave is unique and one of a kind. There are no shortcuts in hand engraving, especially in the deep relief type engraving that I do. The cost of each project is simply a matter of time spent. On some of the full coverage watches you see on my site I can spend as much as 200 hours to complete the project. Prices for my watch engraving can range from $5K to $20K depending on the design and amount of coverage.

As for my schedule, I accept a very limited number of projects each year. Hand engraving is intense and I can only work so many hours in a day. Normal lead time for a new watch engraving project can be several months or more in advance. Customers who are interested can place a deposit to hold a place in my schedule. Please contact me to find out about my current schedule.

The process: Most customers use their own watch repair person to disassemble the watch and then ship me the components (case, bezel and band) to be hand engraved. I also have a watchmaker here who can do that for you. After listening to what the customer would like, I design some layouts and email them to the customer for approval before I begin engraving. Once the engraving is finished I send pictures of the engraved pieces and then the customer sends the final payment. The customer then decides how they would like it shipped back to them.

I would be happy to hand engrave a watch for you!